A New Work

Atlanta, like many metropolitans, has the potential of great flourishing by way of rapid development, a burgeoning entertainment industry and a venerated history of social impacts. However, Atlanta also has a profound tangle of racial, social, and economic challenges. Atlanta ranks near the top in income inequality, sex trafficking, while compounding that with racial tensions, housing and community decay, and other forms of social dislocation. We at Terminus believe that the passive manner in which we view vocation is represented in the misfortune of the city. Terminus Collective is structured to inhibit such a plague by introducing an emerging philosophy to work while constructing vocational opportunities.

Terminus Collective is a collective of Creatives and Makers from multiple industries such as; Film, Music, Fine Arts, Artisans, Dance and more. This collective desires to use their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of others. Our Executive Director, Amisho Baraka, has worked in the film and music industry for over a decade. We desire to forge an ecosystem where creatives work together, learn together and create together.

Help us bring this new work to a flourishing fruition.